If you’re like us, you’ve been running hard all summer long. Planning activities for the kids. Coordinating pickup/dropoff schedules. Going to weddings and family reunions. Balancing family vacations and work. Preparing for back-to-school… Whew! We can tell from here, it’s been an exhausting summer! You deserve a break!!

Chances are, you’ve been putting yourself last all summer long (or even longer). But it’s time to change all that, because September is coming. And September is National Self-Care Month.

What is self-care?


Self-care can be simple or extravagant. From closing your eyes and taking three deep belly breaths to a luxurious spa day, self-care can take as little or as much time and money as you want. We’re big fans of self-care that comes cheap and often, rather than saving up all that stress. There’s no excuse for not wedging in a little pampering now and then. Give yourself a compliment. Buy yourself some flowers (and a cupcake!). Take a moment to check out the sky. There are plenty of tiny self-care techniques that you can fit seamlessly into your already hectic day.

Benefits of self-care


Studies show that self-care has real scientific benefits, such as boosted energy and immunity, increased efficiency and productivity, and better response ability to stressful situations. The benefits of self-care are many and immediate. Maybe it’s the ability to focus on that project at work, allowing you to finish on time and with fewer errors. Maybe it’s more energy to play with your child after that long day at work. The best thing about self-care is, even though it starts with you, those around you will feel the benefits as well.

So just do it already!


Take a walk on the beach and stop in on your way back. We’ve got your favorite cookies ready! And we think they’ll pair nicely with a hot bubble bath.

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