You’re a grown up now!* And your Easter treats should reflect that. So forget the jelly beans and chocolate bunnies, and take your Easter basket (or brunch!) to the next level this year! We’re preparing all your favorite treats, so drop us a line or just stop on by to pre-order your goodies. 

Bunny Cupcakes

Everyone’s favorite cupcakes in a myriad of flavors, and now in bunny form too!

3″ cupcakes – $3 each

Sugar Cookies

A true childhood (and adulthood) delight! Perfectly baked and frosted in your choice of buttercream or classic royal icing.

Regular (3″) – $3 each
Small (2″) – $2 each


Pie! Need we say more?? Your choice of Pecan, Fruit, Cream, or whatever else you crave, gently cradled in a flaky buttery 9″ crust.



An 8″ cake with 3 delectable layers in your favorite traditional or non-traditional flavors. Check out our Cakes page for a little flavor inspiration!



Creamy and delicious, this 9″ cheesecake gives you plenty to share (but only if you want to!). Your choice of Fruit-Topped, Caramel, Chocolate, or classic New York style. 


No time to plan ahead?

Fear not!! We’ve got grown up solutions for you! All the above treats, and many many more, are on hand daily.

*As far as we’re concerned, the difference between being a grown up and a child is that grown ups get to eat whatever they want when they want it. So revel in your grown up status, my friend, and have another cupcake!

**Please note that bulk cupcake orders must contain a minimum of 4 full size cupcakes (or 1 dozen mini cupcakes) per desired flavor.