Wedding Cake Pricing

Tiered and layered Wedding Cakes are $5.50 per person and include basic design (elements not included in basic design are candy sea shells and intricate fondant and gumpaste work). In addition to traditional wedding cakes, we offer several different options so our clients can find exactly what they are looking for!

Display Cakes

Display cakes are smaller tiered cakes ( and sometimes even have Styrofoam layers to appear bigger) that are used for picture purposes, to feed the family/wedding party. Display cake pricing varies (depending on the size and structure of what the client is desiring), and begins at $125. Often times, display cakes are coupled with full- or half-sheet cakes or even cupcakes to feed the bulk of the guests!

All (and ANY) Occasion Cake Pricing

All cakes are three layers, unless otherwise desired or specified.

6” …$25




Half Sheet Cakes…$100

Full Sheet Cakes…$200

*sheet cakes are two layers unless otherwise specified, however they do stand about 4” tall!

Cupcake Pricing

Our cupcakes come in two different sizes…2 and 3 inch, pricing follows:

3” filled…$3.00

3” unfilled…$2.50


2” unfilled..$1.50

Mini Cupcakes: $10.00 per dozen

*Please Inquire about our Cupcake Towers for your Wedding or next event!


We encourage you to make an appointment to taste our cakes! Tasting fees begin at $35 (and include your choices of three flavors of cake, fillings, and frostings…also includes refreshment!)

*See our Other Treats Section to see other types of yummy goodies we offer

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